Soul Business – 3

Pastor J

February 1, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Soul Business Part 3 |


Todays text comes from 1Sam 25

As we continue to journey through these very essential lessons on Soul Business we learn today that God loves the help meet that He created for man. Notice that in Genesis he puts Adam to sleep so that he has nothing to do with the woman being brought forth from his rib. If the man had a part in the woman's creation than he would have had more ammunition during a fight to say I helped create you and would have made the woman's woes even less tolerable. Instead when man woke up out of his sleep, the woman was already created and fully functional, all he had to do was love her and take care of her.

Because the woman sinned God said I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee. This particular scripture has been taken out of text even in todays society. What it means is, "your desire shall be subject to your husband, implying perhaps that she had learned her lesson and would consider him in her future decisions and actions.

Women are still help meets and a source of power in our churches. In some cases they are the backbone where men fail to meet the needs of the church. I remember in California, our church was hard pressed and needed money. The men sat around and talked about how they would donate money to the cause (money which sometimes never made it to the church). The women would gather together and fix dinners and bake goods to sale. They would have clothing drives and seriously pinch pennies and when the day came to pay for the church, guess who would have their money?

In our lesson I hope that I have expressed that our sisters in Christ are much more than fund raisers, thank you Jesus!!!! They are evangelist, missionaries, mothers and above all children who belong to God. Please look at the words on all of our emails. I am not perfect but I learned this valuable lesson a long time ago. We need to do the will of God when it comes to our children and the women of God, remember (regardless to what others do, Holiness is right).

Pastor J

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