First Lady

First Lady Regina Johnson has been saved for 38 years and truly has come from humble beginnings.   After heeding the call to a life of ministry for Christ she has grown in spirit and blessed by the grace of God.

Regina and her husband Pastor Manuel Johnson were bestowed the blessing to start a new work in God’s vineyard, (The New Fellowship Church) in February 2013.   Being a faithful worker in her former church, she was maintained positions such as chairlady for her District and has always been willing worker when called upon by the Washington States Women’s Department. Evangelist Johnson is a servant’s servant she has always made herself available to do God’s work.

She was appointed the Church Mother of New Fellowship Church to ensure that younger women not only live Holy lives but learn how to tend to the needs of their families. She is a thorough believer in the Church’s mission “in order to be effective, we must reach up to God, reach into our own spiritual life before reaching out to others”.

Sis. Johnson’s has been inspired by many powerful and gentle Women in the ministry whom have molded her into being the Spiritual leader she is. To who she regards special tribute to: Mother N. Slaughter, Mother J. Kinlow, Mother G. Young, Pastor R. Easter, Mother C. Hoskins and District Missionary K. Boyd.

She is a loving, devoted wife to Pastor Johnson and together they have two children and eight grandchildren. First Lady Johnson has been marrying to Pastor Johnson for 41 years and has been there to support him in the beginning of his ministry.   She has been there to pray and encourage him.   She feels that’s it’s very important to be prayed up in the Spirit; in order to give Pastor an encouraging word.

One of her favorite scripture is Luke 12:48…”to whom much is given, much is required”.

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