Pastor Johnson


Pastor Manuel Johnson has been a servant of God in ministry since 1980.   He had accepted the calling to the ministry in Oakland, California during a Holy Ghost revival under the leadership Pastor James Slaughter of the Greater Israelite Church of God in Christ.  Under Pastor Slaughter’s leadership Minister Johnson was taught how to have spiritual integrity in ministering God’s word and the seriousness of this special gift God had given to him. He had served in several positions for 8 years faithfully and was given opportunity to preach and deliver God’s word not only at Greater Israelite but other churches.

Minister Johnson and family moved to Bremerton, Washington in November 1983 and served as a minister under the leadership of Pastor Kelly Easter, Jr. at Upper Room Church of God in Christ, Seattle, Washington for 10 years.  Under the leadership of Pastor Easter, Minister Johnson would learn that there was a political side to church business and he would often go out on the evangelist field. He was given the opportunity to run his first revival in which God blessed in a mighty way.

After 10 years of service God had him to move his membership closer to home in Bremerton, Washington and there he served under the leadership of Superintendent Nathaniel Kinlow, Sr. of the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ.   He was appointed to the Trustee Board and as Youth Director. Minister Johnson had served faithfully under the leadership of Superintendent Nathaniel Kinlow, Sr. until his passing.   Under Superintendent Kinlow, Minister Johnson would be ordained an Elder in the Church of God in Christ by Bishop T. L. Westbrook. Pastor Kinlow would teach Elder Johnson that all of God’s business would be found in His word. He would also become District 10 Chair-person under Superintendent Wilbur Allison in which he served for 1 year.

Elder Eugene Hoskins would become Pastor of Faith Temple and Elder Johnson continued to serve faithfully. Under Pastor Hoskins he would learn compassion for God’s people and to lead by precept and example. Elder Johnson had a very close relationship with Pastor Hoskins and during this time Elder Hoskins allowed all of Elder Johnson’s gifts to come to full fruition. In 2012, Pastor Hoskins passed way and charged Elder Johnson to take the mantle.   The decision to branch out and start anew was made by Elder Johnson.

In February 2013, we held the first service for New Fellowship Church at Evergreen Community Center in Silverdale, Washington.   More than 30 people attended the service that day and all joined the church forming a new body of believers. We are endeavored to follow God’s word forming our new mission statement. New Fellowship Church’s mission is to study God’s word and to learn His unconditional love for us. Our mission becomes clear and we can then begin our outreach program by reaching up to God, we can reach in to the inner man and then reach out to the community.



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