Who are you connected to?

August 9, 2015 ()

Bible Text: John 15: 1-11 |

"Who are you connected to?"

Power Scripture: John 15:1-11


Saints, God wants us to stay connected to the vine.   In John 15 God is telling His disciples that they would be tempted to grow strange one to another, and therefore He pressed it upon THEIR faith to adhere to Him and abide in Him.

They would be tempted to grow strange one to another; and therefore He presses it upon them to love one another, and to keep up that communion when He was gone, which had hitherto been their comfort.  They would be tempted to shrink from their apostleship when they met with hardships; and therefore He prepared them to bear the shock of the world's ill will.

Saints, we are dealing with real issues in today’s world and God wants us to stay connected to Him and also with believers.   It is important to stay connected to the Vine and believers.  The Lord had impressed in my spirit the social media LinkedIn. It’s where you connect with people, and sometimes strangers on this social media and gain knowledge.  One of its purpose is to connect.   Sometimes employers will look at LinkedIn to see who may qualify for employment.

Let us connect to a group that is called the HOLY TRINITY.   They too have benefits that will show you the new way of doing something or a creative way of dealing with the same issue.   Now this group you can't see, but you can feel.   This group you can log on and connect too.   This group never crashes, never goes blank, never freezes in your life……. Never!   This group, called the HOLY TRINITY, even gives you a hard copy to read and it’s called the HOLY BIBLE.

ALSO, you will receive a warranty and HE is the HOLY GHOST.   The HOLY GHOST is a part of the TRINITY. So when you are going thru something, and because you have the connection (abide in God) when you ask God, (petition in prayer), the HOLY GHOST will check with Jesus and Jesus will check with God.  Then they will dispatch the HOLY GHOST to tell you what to do.


Let us stay connected to God.


Reference scriptures:

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God Bless you all!

First Lady Johnson

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